WORK IT - EVERYWHERE! REMOTE WORKING WORKSHOP mit Laila von Alvensleben & Yeliz Üney, Prager Fotoschule, Mittwoch, 05. Dezember 2018

LeiterInnen: Laila von Alvensleben & Yeliz Üney
Datum: 05. Dezember 2018
Uhrzeit: 13.00 - 17.00 Uhr
Biografien: Laïla von Alvensleben is a Remote Work Coach and UX Designer. She helps distributed teams improve their collaboration practices and cultivate a remote working culture that will enable them to work from anywhere. As a strong advocate of remote work since 2014, she’s covered extensive research on Remote Design Thinking and helped create the Remote Starter Kit. Today she collaborates with MURAL, Hyper Island and other clients to consult and deliver workshops on digital transformation and virtual collaboration.
Yeliz Üney (CEO menonthemoon) is an experienced transformational consultant and has a background business administrations (MBA). In her professional career, Yeliz interacts in the intersection of business and creative processes. She is specialized in transformational process for large companies.
Beschreibung: Despite all the progress in technology, the way we work is still a legacy of the industrial revolution, with many organizations using outdated models to create and manage teams. Fortunately, work is changing. Welcome to the digital revolution, where employees can work across distances and time zones, be more productive than in an office and also fulfill their potential. This keynote and workshop will give an overview of the benefits and challenges that remote companies face, how to adapt a company culture to an online environment, the skills to look for when hiring remotely, and the key tools and processes to keep in mind when setting up a remote team
Ziel: Participants who complete the workshop will have the foundations to start their own roadmap as a remote worker. Furthermore, HR responsibles will have a perfect kit for implementing remote working culture within their company.
TeilnehmerInnen: max. 15 PAX
Preis: 150,- exkl. USt & Eventbrite-Buchungsgebühren
Der Workshop wird in Englisch abgehalten.

Mittwoch, 05. Dezember 2018, Prager Fotoschule, WORK IT - EVERYWHERE! REMOTE WORKING WORKSHOP mit Laila von Alvensleben & Yeliz Üney

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